Nichols Community Health Center


Because when more people have access to care, we all benefit from a healthier community.

Thousands of residents in our Golden Gate community need access to basic primary health care. To meet this critical need for accessible, integrated, and compassionate healthcare, we are raising funds to build a 50,000 square foot primary healthcare facility in the heart of the Golden Gate community. With your help, we will meet our campaign goal of $15 million—and take advantage of a golden opportunity to vastly improve critical healthcare services to the largest underserved population in Collier County.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the plan?

  • A centrally located pharmacy, providing affordable, convenient Rx access for patients.
  • Space and equipment for both pediatric and adult dentistry.
  • 50,000 square feet of treatment space for primary medical, behavioral, dental, prenatal, and visual healthcare.                                                                                             

Who comes to HCN for treatment?

Everyone is welcome to see our providers. However, as more physicians choose not to accept Medicaid or uninsured patients, the Healthcare Network also takes on the care of these individuals, offering a sensible and affordable alternative to the more expensive and often inappropriate emergency room.


I have insurance. Why should I give?

Community health centers save the healthcare system over $24 billion, all the while providing continuity of care in a high quality setting. Furthermore, the thousands of residents in our Golden Gate community who need access to basic primary health care are our first responders and nurses, our teachers and care givers, and other service providers vital to the well-being of Collier County.


How can I learn more?

To speak to a HCN Foundation staff person, please call 239-658-3111.