heroes in the family

Dr. JohnsonThe Healthcare Network family is honored to have two of their own receive the Healthcare Heroes Award this year. Kelley Johnson, Dental Director and Jerry Williamson, Chief Medical Officer received two of the eight awards given by the Naples Daily News, celebrating their ongoing achievements and excellence in their fields. Dr. Johnson’s love and compassion for children makes the young patients look forward to visiting the dentist & sharing what they’ve learned with their younger siblings, resulting in healthy smiles all around.

Dr. Williamson’s medical and leadership skills have resulted in increased options and services for patients–regardless of income or insurance–throughout Southwest Florida.

We couldn't be more proud and hope you are as thrilled as we are to have these heroes caring for you and your family.

Click here to see some images from the awards ceremony in the Hilton Naples Friday, April 20. Or view the short videos below honoring the doctors.