Meet Our Patients

BeatrizBeatriz was 27 when a Healthcare Network physician discovered the lump in her breast.  Living on a day laborer's wages made surgery and chemotherapy out of reach without the Healthcare Network's Women's Care programs.  Five years, two mastectomies and countless rounds of chemo later, Beatriz is still fighting her cancer, but she has never wavered in her determination to live thanks to her seven year old daughter and the support of the Healthcare Network staff.

"I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the Healthcare Network.  Thank you for giving me more time to spend with my little girl." Beatriz


Issac and Taylor Issac and Taylor are eight year old twins who love trains.  They also struggle daily with the challenges of autism.  When mom Antoni was referred to the Healthcare Network for school physicals, their pediatrician teamed up with staff psychologist Dr. Javier Rosado to help develop a plan of care built around their autism.  Three years later, the boys have started initiating their own sessions with Dr. Rosado, a major milestone for them both.

"The Healthcare Network has been a life saving angel at a time when our family needed it most.  My sons' autism prevents them from connecting with most people, but they have a real connection with Dr. Rosado's gentle spirit.  It's good to be where they understand our kids' physical and emotional needs." Antoni

Naila Today 16 year old Naila is a healthy and confident teenager.  A year and a half ago, however, she was 60 pounds overweight and borderline diabetic.  With guidance and encouragement from her pediatrician, Healthcare Network's Dr. Jorge Camina, Naila was motivated to start eating better and get moving.  She not only lost her excess weight but also inspired her dad to lose 50 pounds!

"Dr. Camina is the best!  I want to be a pediatrician so I can help kids the way he helped me." Naila




Juanita When six year old Juanita stepped onto the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile in her Habitat for Humanity community, it was the first time in her life that she'd seen a dentist.  For Dr. Kelley Johnson, it wasn't the first time she'd seen a six year old with 16 cavities.  It's not so uncommon on the Care Mobile, or in any of the Healthcare Network's dental offices, where most children experience dental or medical care for the first time.

After her exam and cleaning, Juanita was referred to the Healthcare Network's NCEF Pediatric Dental Center, where she will receive the follow-up care she needs to make her smile healthier.




Mauricio For the past 10 years Healthcare Network doctors have taken care of Maria and her family, including eight year old Mauricio, who was recently diagnosed with a skin disorder.  When Mauricio refused to comply with the prescribed treatment for his disorder, Maria asked for help from his pediatrician, who then sought assistance from a Healthcare Network pshychologist.  While working with Mauricio, our psychologist also discovered that he had a severe anxiety disorder.  Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Healthcare Network physicians, Mauricio is now receiving the attention he needs to overcome his anxiety and manage his skin disorder.

"I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the Healthcare Network.  Thank you for giving me more time to spend with my little girl." Beatriz

Juan Ten year old Juan loves to ride his bike.  But just over a year ago, after Juan received a vision screening onboard the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, his parents were told he would lose his sight in a matter of months due to an eye injury that had been neglected.  This diagnosis set in motion Juan's school nurse and the staff and physicians of Healthcare Network who after five months of teamwork were able to get him the surgeries he needed to save his vision.  Juan is now looking forward to a bright future and many more days of riding his bike.