Welcome Board Chairman Haris Domond

Haris Maracl Domond BioThe Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida welcomes new Board Chairman Haris M. Domond. "As Chairman, my passion is to educate our community on health needs and help set higher priorities for the Healthcare Network," he says. "The progress we have made in our system will only accelerate our patient care as well as prepare us for the objective and goals set by the Affordable Care Act."

A certified mental health counselor since 1993, Board Chairman Haris M. Domond has experience in a variety of treatment settings including outpatient clinics, churches, Department of Children & Family (DCF) base settings, as well as in private practices in Florida. He is certified through the FDF Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) as a group facilitator, supervisor and trainer; and through the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) as a clinical associate.

Fluent in several languages, Mr. Domond was instrumental in the work of Collier County Counseling (CCC). He helped establish the first multi-language BIP program in the county, focusing on domestic violence, substance abuse, anger management, and parenting programs. He has also worked with the Women’s Shelter and the Council for the Betterment of Collier and Lee County.

“I have the propensity to build trusting relationships and connections with anyone I meet,” he says. “I help link people together, creating partnerships and alliances while motivating them to move forward to achieve personal and professional success.”

Mr. Domond says the future of health care might have many unknowns, but the era of running to hospital emergency rooms in this region must pass.

“The focus in health care is shifting to outpatient care, wellness initiatives, and Community Health Systems,” he says. “The Healthcare Network is in excellent shape to take advantage of new frontiers of care by reaching out to everyone in need of managed care.”

Mr. Domond is employed with Collier County Government and currently serves as Operations Analyst with the Traffic Management Center.

In April 2012, Mr. Domond was appointed to the Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida board of directors.  He resides in Naples, Florida with his family and has been a user of the healthcare system of Collier Health Services, Inc. for the past 15 years.