Thanks for Andy's big adventure

photo 1Most of you will remember our story about Andy, a 20-year-old special needs patient with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and autism, whose life was dramatically changed thanks to major surgery he received at the NCEF Dental Center (read full story) Andy's freedom from years of debilitating tooth pain not only changed his life, but the life of his family, opening doors of opportunity that his mom Melissa never imagined possible.

Most recently, the family was able to take a four-day Disney Cruise that according to Melissa were the best four days of Andy's life.

Andy has a love of 'all things laundry' so the highlight of his cruise was a 'laundry room pub crawl' during which he got to explore all seven laundries on photo 2board the ship. He also got to do a load of wash - a thrill indeed for Andy!

"I never dreamed this would be possible!" Melissa wrote to Dr. Lauren Governale. "You literally changed his life (and mine). Thank you!"