March Marketing report

This month Foundation staff and HR leadership met with Batya Sabag of Social Connect to learn more about LinkedIn and how we can use it to connect to donors and recruit providers. A follow-up meeting with Batya is planned to focus on Twitter and how to organize our social media efforts. Media news items since last report - 7 - since July – 64.  To view all media reports go to our website and click on ‘in the news’ then on the sub-menu – ‘media reports

Mar. 12, 2014 – Naples Daily News – Needle new CMO Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida - full story

Mar. 10, 2014 – Fox 4 News – FSU students spend spring break assisting Care Mobile – full story

Mar. 6, 2014 – Immokalee Bulletin – Healthcare Network to take part in Migrant Expo – full story

March 2014 – Life in Naples Magazine – Caught in Time – full story

March 2014 – e Bella Magazine – Women to Watch, Nancy Korista - full story

Feb. 26, 2014 – Naples Daily News – Healthcare Network helps reduce ER dental visits – full story

Feb. 22, 2014 – NewsPress – On the spot screenings – Grampy’s supports Care Mobile - full story

Feb. 14, 2014 - Florida Weekly – Healthcare Network welcomes Stephen Wheeler – full story

Feb. 7, 2014 – Naples Daily News – Healthcare Network assists HIV patient – full story

February 2014 – Life in Naples Magazine – Going the extra mile for a smile – full story

February 2014 – Neapolitan Family Magazine – Healthcare Network delivers Hope on Wheels – full story

Upcoming Events

- April 10 - plans for the upcoming 8th Annual Ronald McDonald Care Mobile® Classic are coming together well for the April 10 event. The approximate amount raised at this time is $106,000.00. Grampy’s is buying the gift shirts for participants.

- Apr. 22 - Congressman Mario Dias-Balart will visit our Child Care Golden Gate office to take part in our Reach Out and Read program.

March E-newsletterthis month we switched our e-news service from MailChimp to Constant Contact, which offers a variety of amenities including an events feature and the ability to easily upload our email lists. The March newsletter featured a story on our behavior health initiative and how it is changing lives. The newsletter was emailed to 836 recipients with 235 opens (30.7) percent open rate, above the industry average of 21.5%).  View March e-newsletter

Our Facebook page has 168 (13 new since February) likes and a total reach of 1,979 as of last week. If you are a Facebook member, please like us and invite your friends to like us and share our posts. View Facebook page

Our website had 3, 818 visits in February (down from last month) with 9, 203 page views (down by about 1,000 from last month). The top views were the Home Page (2,701), Job Opportunities (888), and Children’s Care (302) followed by Family Care (299) – of note, this is the first time in five months that Dental Care dropped from the top three – it was fifth this month with 282 views. 

The Stelter link can be accessed from the “donate” tab in the top left menu, the “our foundation” tab on the main menu and the “our foundation” icon at the bottom of the right sidebar. These links take the user to a separate website designed to look exactly like our main website.

Stelter e-news – we sent out our first Stelter e-news to our donor list. This newsletter is created and branded by Stelter to provide our donor base with philanthropic giving information. Statistics for that newsletter were not available from Stelter – I am looking into this. A link is not available to view this newsletter, but I would be interested in hearing your thoughts if you received it.

The intraoffice employee website can be accessed under resources in the footer at the bottom of our main website. Thus far, 180 employees have registered for the site, which replaces the print newsletter. To register and view the site, click here

YouTube page – view YouTube page


Neapolitan Family – half page, February dental care issue;

e’Bella – full page, April healthcare issue

Gulfshore Business – full page, April healthcare issue

Naples Illustrated – half page golf classic ad, March and April issues.

Chamber Spotlight - March 17 email to all chamber members

March Appeal – A self-contained appeal with donation envelope was mailed to the Network’s entire donor list as well as a rented list for a total mailing of 4,200. The appeal focused on the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile and included a pitch for the 8th Annual RMCM Classic, April 10 at Quail West. This appeal was done through Presstige Printing.

214 page 17 Chamber Spotlight March 2013 final DD_Ptaszek_Full_2014_2 HNSF_Apr_2014 MediaVista_half_April14 NaplesIllust_Jan2014