Nichols Community Health Center

nichols community health center

The new 50,000 square foot Golden Gate Health Center will be a primary healthcare facility that provides  children’s care, family care, women’s care, dental care, and integrated behavioral care all under one roof. This multi-million dollar investment in Collier County will include new equipment, improved technologies, and jobs for 60 new staff members, including doctors, nurses, medical personnel and facility staff needed to lead the new center.


our services make a difference

Healthcare Network welcomes all patients—insured or uninsured—and provides the same high quality standard of care to all. As more physicians choose not to accept Medicaid or uninsured patients, Healthcare Network takes on the care of these individuals, offering a sensible and affordable alternative to the more expensive and often inappropriate emergency room visit. Annually, community health centers save the healthcare system over $24 billion, all the while providing continuity of care in a high quality setting.

Dental Office

dental care: changing access

Dentistry is an important part of Healthcare Network’s system of integrated care, and both pediatric and adult dentistry will have a place at the new Golden Gate Center. Research has firmly established the connection between poor oral health and chronic health conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, low birth-weight babies and even stillborn births. Furthermore, chronic diseases have oral manifestations and in many cases, a dentist can be the first to diagnose a chronic illness. Now with both adult and children’s dentistry in the same location as Healthcare Network’s wide variety of services, not only will patients receive high quality dental services but a true “care team” approach from their primary medical doctor, dentist, pharmacist, and psychologist.


pharmacy: changing costs

Through the innovative federal 340B drug distribution program, Healthcare Network patients are able to purchase medication for pennies on the dollar versus what retail pharmacies charge. Prior to its implementation, patients who could not afford to purchase the necessary medications would often go without, thus exacerbating their existing conditions. By providing these low cost prescriptions to Healthcare Network patients, we have seen improved patient outcomes and healthier patients. In the Nichols Community Health Center, this centrally located pharmacy will provide access convenient for patients, as part of our “one-stop shop” concept to address all healthcare needs.